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Mayer collection


Selected medieval sculptures, panel paintings and stained glass from the Mayer Collection are being shown for the first time since 2017. This magnificent Gothic exhibition, which is largely based on a donation, responds to a renewed interest in sacred sculptures from the late Middle Ages, which have an impact that transcends denominational and religious boundaries.

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The entire museum is barrier-free!

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Gothic Exhibition Admont AbbeyMarcel Peda 806
Gothic Exhibition Admont AbbeyMarcel Peda 405
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Gothic Exhibition Admont AbbeyMarcel Peda 806

Masterpieces from the mayer collection

The selection of late Gothic masterpieces brought together in this exhibition - ranging from the "Beautiful Madonnas" from around 1400 to Niklaus Weckmann from Ulm and the South Tyrolean master Hans Klocker from Brixen - can only provide a brief overview of an epoch that is one of the richest and most fruitful in our art-historical past.

Close to heaven

The closeness to God and the splendour of the world, art and culture are fused into a unity with the aim of capturing the visitor's soul. The exhibits in the Kuno Mayer Collection are the visible success of years of activity in the specialised art trade. They pursue the non-profit purpose of awakening the continuing interest of a broad section of the population in the art of the Middle Ages. The collector Kuno Erich Mayer lives with his wife in Götzis in Vorarlberg.

Kuno Erich Mayer

Kuno Erich Mayer on his collecting activities: "An art collection is characterised by passion and joy, by the need to own and organise. Collecting art is an activity between enthusiasm and knowledge, in the arc of tension between economics and patronage; it is a discoverer and pioneer for many things that later receive museum status. Art and culture stand for values that provide stability and order and enrich people internally."