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Commercial masseuse, certified shiatsu practitioner
Healing massage
Full body or partial massage

Tension and hardening of the muscles are released by stroking, kneading and various grips. Optimum blood circulation in the tissue is achieved.

Shiatsu treatment

Holistic healing method from the Far East to harmonise the flow of energy. Pressure is applied to the meridian points with the fingers and balls of the hand. The treatment is customised to the client's needs and wishes.

Quantum Bodywork

Cranio sacral treatment

Foot reflexology massage

All organs and body parts have associated reflex zones on the foot. These are stimulated to heal themselves through a special pressure massage.

Lymphatic drainage

A special gentle technique is used to stimulate the lymphatic flow and remove stored toxins and waste products.

Somm therapy with infrared

A method that harmonises the control circuits in the body in the long term.

Microvibration acts on the cells of the organism.
Vibrations are perceived in the audible range, as sounds and music.
Electro-magnetic resonance primarily stimulates the entire cell metabolism.
Infrared with deep heat ensures better blood circulation and detoxification.


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