Abbey Health Centre

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Admont Health Centre ©Thomas Sattler
Admont Health Centre ©Thomas Sattler
Admont Health Centre © Thomas Sattler

Medical care for the region

In November 2019, the Benedictine Abbey of Admont opened a health centre that ensures medical care for an entire region with its comprehensive range of services. In order to guarantee comprehensive medical care, general practitioners, specialists, therapists and medical professionals offer their services in a specially adapted building on the grounds of the Benedictine monastery. The clinic run by Andrea Pickl Abbey Pharmacy is located just a few metres away from the health centre. The new health centre is not the only way Admont Abbey is investing in the region. The Benedictine monastery has been an important employer and operator of charitable organisations ever since the monastery was founded. There are now over 500 employees working in the various abbey businesses.

Benedictine Abbey Admont - Abbot Gerhard Hafner

Abbot Gerhard to the medical centre

"Almost every page of the Gospels tells us how Jesus turned to sick people. This gives rise to the Christian responsibility to be there for people with physical and mental suffering. The abbot and chapter therefore immediately agreed to build the health centre on the foundation's premises. In addition, the situation in Admont was also an inner motivation. Doctor after doctor went into well-deserved retirement, but no successors took their place, which is why the abbey and the community wanted to build this centre, especially with a view to being able to attract general practitioners to the region, says Abbot Gerhard Hafner O.S.B.

Caring for the sick must come before and above everything else:
They should be served as if they were truly Christ.

Extract from the Rule of St Benedict, Chapter 36/1

Admont Abbey - Admont Health Centre ©Thoms Sattler


Abbey Health Centre
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