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Dear Readers!


Our Benedictine monastery was founded in 1074. Yes, a long history! But a young, Christian, contemporary spirit thrives within our walls.


Seeking God in the message and person of Jesus Christ and the values of St. Benedict is the foundation on which we stand and the way in which we are present to the people of our time: in church, through social work, through education, culture, and in the economy.


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Ora et labora et lege – pray and work and read!

Since the monastery was founded, the Benedictines in Admont have been working according to the Rule of St. Benedict of Nursia for almost 950 years.

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Culture & Tourism

Admont Abbey – a spiritual and cultural centre!

Enter the largest monastery library in the world and a museum, which is equipped according to the most modern international criteria.

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Admont Abbey as an economic driver in the region!

Our establishments are the basis for being able to fulfil all duties and ‘promote life in religious, cultural and material dimensions’.

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Admont Abbey – a thriving and diverse monastery!

Here you will always receive the latest information and be kept well informed about the many activities at our abbey.

Experiential Overview of the Benedictine Abbey of Admont - 2019

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Admont Abbey - Convent group photo 2024
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Collegiate Church c Marcel Peda
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Admont Abbey - Forest Hunting © Stefan Leitner
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Admont Abbey - the world's largest monastery library © Stefan Leitner
Nursery 2022
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Benedictine Abbey Admont - Father Egon herb garden © Thomas Sattler
Admont Abbey Grammar School - exterior photo © Thomas Sattler
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Admont Abbey 01 scaled
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Rosarium 1
Admont Abbey - Natural History Museum © Stefan Leitner
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Admont Abbey - Monks at Admont Abbey Church © Stefan Leitner
Admont Abbey - Monks in the monastery library © Stefan Leitner