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Admont Abbey - Abbey archive © Thomas Sattler
Admont Abbey - Abbey archive © Thomas Sattler
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Source material from the last 950 years!

The archive at Admont Benedictine Abbey keeps safe a wealth of source material from the last 950 years, since the monastery was founded.

All those who are interested in doing research on churches, monasteries, the state, economy, forestry, family and land can use it.

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Archive collections

In addition to a rich inventory of documents and rent rolls, the Admont Archive preserves the personal files of monks, their correspondences and bequests, the archival documents of abbots as well as correspondences of the individual administrative divisions of the monastery, right up to modern times.

In addition, the extensive archival documents of the market town of Admont, all the monastery parishes, priories and authorities can be accessed. After all, the stack-rooms also contain sources on forestry, mining, the former Admont Nunnery, and much more.

It is also important to mention the special collections, above all coin collection, stamps, an extensive collection of photos, maps and plans.


Manuscripts 5 scaled
Manuscripts 2 scaled
Manuscripts 1 scaled
Manuscripts 4 1 scaled
Manuscripts 1 1 scaled
Codex 128 abridged history of salvation 13th century
Codex 18 Nuns' Breviary King Solomon and Queen of Sheba c. 1180 scaled
Codex 101 Redemption of Man 3
DSCF5248 scaled
DSCF5259 scaled
DSCF5262 scaled
Codex 504 Travelogue by Marco Polo Early 14th century scaled
Gospels Beginning of the Gospel of Luke
Evangeliary late 11th century Evangelist Mark
Giant Bible Initial F
From Codex 101 Poor Man's Bible Tree of Paradise
Codex 17 Abbot Irimbert comments scribe around 1175 scaled
Codex 289 Anselm of Canterbury and Matilda of Tuscia 12th century
Codex 368 School scene Grammatica as the epitome of teaching
Codex 583 Historia Orientalis by Odorico 15th century
Giant Bible 3rd Volume Initial I Beginning Genesis scaled
Giant Bible Initial F 1
Giant Bible H initiale scaled
Zacharias and the Archangel Gabriel Bible commentary by Irimbert mid-12th century
Evangeliary late 11th century Evangelist Mark 1
Gospels Beginning of the Gospel of Luke 1

Library collections

‘A monastery without a library is like a fortress without an armoury’. This saying is entirely justified: for books have always been the spiritual ‘armour’ of religious. They were required for liturgy and spiritual reading as well as for scientific matters, for teaching and administration.

The history of the Abbey Library begins with the foundation of the monastery in 1074. It is pretty certain that the small group of monks from Salzburg, who took up monastic life in Admont in the autumn of 1074, brought a basic stock of books from their mother monastery St Peter. In addition, early book donations were made by the founder of the monastery, Archbishop Gebhard of Salzburg.


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Admont Abbey - Abbey archive © Thomas Sattler
Archive 3
Admont Abbey - Abbey archive © Thomas Sattler
Archive 1
Archive 2
Archive 4
Admont Abbey - Abbey archive © Thomas Sattler
Archive 5

Use & opening hours

Use of the archive and library holdings is possible by arrangement with the Abbey archivist and librarian, Father Maximilian Schiefermüller OSB.


Please contact us at: 

+43 (0) 3613/2312-602

Permission is given in compliance with the User Regulations.

Exhibition catalogue von Abrogans und Nibelungen

Admont Benedictine Abbey (ed.): Von Abrogans und Nibelungen. Sensational finds of German literature in Austria's monasteries. Special exhibition in the Abbey Library from 25 March to 15 November 2018. Passau: Pedagrafie Fotografie & Verlag 2018. 72 pages, colour illustrations. ISBN 978-3-945161-08-1

The catalogue is available at a price of € 9.90 (plus postage) from Father Prior Maximilian Schiefermüller OSB (see contact details below).

+43 (0) 3613/2312-602

Abrogans1a 1