panoramic stairways

panoramic stairways


The so-called "Panorama Staircase" is a reinforced concrete staircase enveloped in a glass-steel construction on the eastern facade of the museum wing. It was created as a functional fire escape staircase and a spectacular viewpoint for the newly opened museum in 2003.

The connection between architecture and nature is palpable here!

Panoramasteige Museum
Panoramic staircase 1 scaled
Panoramic staircase 2
panoramic stairways

The special feature

Extending over three floors, it offers a spectacular experience in all weather conditions. During a snowstorm, thunderstorm, or when the fog lifts, one feels right in the midst of the action. In fair weather, one can enjoy a breathtaking view over the outdoor areas, including the herb garden, the "Invisible Garden", the monastery pond, all the way to the entrance of the Gesäuse National Park and the imposing Haller Walls. Another special aspect of Admont Abbey becomes particularly evident here: the fusion of architecture and nature.

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