Admont Benedictine Abbey - Monks © Stefan Leitner

Admont Abbey celebrates anniversary year

In 2024, Admont Abbey will celebrate its 950th anniversary. Instead of one big event, the celebrations will take place over the whole of next year.

Admont Abbey celebrates anniversary year

Monday, 18 December 2023

"I am humbly proud that our house history began with a woman," says Abbot Gerhard Hafner, "because in a world history dominated by men, God chose a female founder for our Admont Abbey." The Countess of Friesach-Zeltschach, better known as St Hemma of Gurk, has gone down in history. As one of the richest women of her time, she used her fortune for social causes. Archbishop Gebhard of Salzburg honoured her wish to found a monastery in 1074 by founding the Benedictine monastery of Admont. In 2024, this will be 950 years in the past.


What has happened in the meantime

Over the years, 26 parishes have been established, which are looked after by the monks of the Benedictine monastery. As has the Admont Abbey Grammar School, which has developed into one of the most important educational institutions in the region. Following the example of St Hemma, the Benedictine Abbey supports numerous social projects, including Missio Austria, and is a major employer. "The mission of the businesses is to lead the monastery into a secure future and to play a proactive role in regional development," says Franz Pichler, Director of Economic Affairs. Last but not least, Admont Benedictine Abbey also fulfils an important tourist function, as Pichler emphasises: "We welcome around 60,000 guests every year. This means that the Benedictine Abbey acts as a driving force for an entire region and far beyond."

Abbey Museum presents special exhibition

In 2024, the Abbey Museum will also be celebrating its big anniversary, which will be reflected in a new special exhibition. When the museum season opens on 19 March, visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the almost thousand-year history of the Benedictine monastery and the life and work of the monks. The special exhibition is thus a journey through time, beginning with the foundation of the monastery and the legends surrounding its creation. Just as important as the major fire and the abolition of the monastery under National Socialism is the presentation of scientific curiosity, which can be seen in works from the library and the natural history collection. The fact that scientific research and pastoral activities also need an economic basis is made clear in another section of the exhibition. This is dedicated to historical and contemporary economic enterprises. A turn towards the existential is offered by the examination of the themes of death, life and resurrection. The journey through time ends with pieces of music and texts that were created with reference to Admont Abbey and invite visitors to look and listen.

Admont Abbey invites you to join in the celebrations

The Benedictine monks want to celebrate the 950th anniversary of Admont Abbey with a major ceremony that will last the whole of next year. The programme includes many cultural highlights, including concerts with international music stars and a scientific symposium on Archbishop Gebhard of Salzburg. The numerous church festivals, which Admont's monks will celebrate together with high-ranking church representatives, will be a major focus of the programme. We would like to "cordially invite everyone to join us and celebrate this great anniversary together with us", opens Abbot Gerhard Hafner.