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Wine festival and open day at the museum

Admont Benedictine Abbey is a place of faith, art, literature and enjoyment. Those who enter soon find themselves in the "eighth wonder of the world"...

Wine festival and open day at the museum

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

The Enns has always characterised the Upper Styrian landscape. However, in Admont it is not only the wide river, but also the collegiate church that gives the region its characteristic appearance. Its two towers tower over the green meadows by almost seventy-five metres, as if to greet visitors from afar.

And Admont Benedictine Abbey attracts thousands of visitors every year. Because within these walls awaits an experience of diversity. Gothic and contemporary art come together here, sacred and natural history treasures meet, 200,000 volumes and 1,400 manuscripts are united under one roof. The latter includes the collection of the Admont Monastery Library, which is not considered the eighth wonder of the world for nothing. It is the largest of its kind! The museum at Admont Abbey also harbours sensational finds of German literature.

This is how outstanding the Abbey Museum in Admont is, which has already been honoured with several awards. Just like the museum's own wine from the internationally recognised brand "Dveri Pax", which was already enjoyed at the imperial court and is now - as it was then - one of the best wines.

Next Sunday, 20 October 2019, Admont Abbey will be celebrating a wine festival in honour of St. Urban, the patron saint of vineyards and wine, from 10:00 am. The festival will begin with a mass to mark the grape harvest (from 10:00 am in Admont Abbey Church, with the Big Band of Admont Abbey Grammar School). After the festive mass, the abbey wines can be tasted in the entrance area of the museum. The Kettner family's gourmet hut will provide the culinary accompaniment to this wonderful festival.

This means that Admont Abbey is also an excursion tip with a special flair next Sunday. 

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