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Projects on the Kaiserau


The Gesäuse is primarily known to mountaineers and white water sports enthusiasts. Characterised by the wild water and steep rock, with a few exceptions, tourism and leisure activities are geared towards mountaineers and white water sports enthusiasts. However, there has been a trend towards family holidays in recent years.

Thanks to its topography, the Kaiserau is perfectly suited to catering for the whole family. Although initial steps have already been taken in this direction (e.g. founding of the Gesäuse ski school), a corresponding infrastructure and a more extensive offer should be created on the Kaiserau.



Project: "Kaiserau - The family-friendly leisure paradise" 

This Leader project aims to sustainably strengthen value creation in the Gesäuse region all year round through adaptations and innovations on the Kaiserau. In order to take account of the number of bookings, some of the core elements of the project (themed circular trail, adventure playground, children's ski area) were created especially for families with children or adapted for children.

By adapting the existing catering business, creating a guidance system and partially greening the car park, the idyllic high plateau on the Kaiserau was to be made accessible to tourists and locals alike and serve as a recreational area.

Total project costs: € 753,913.52

Maximum funding amount: € 452,348.12

Completion date: April 2019



Project: "Kaiserau - discover, experience, enjoy!"

With this project, Kaiserau Tourismus GmbH is pursuing the goal of marketing the comprehensive expansion and adaptation of Kaiserau's offers (achieved through the Leader project "Kaiserau - The family-friendly leisure paradise") in a target group-orientated and needs-based manner and creating further offers - always taking regional tourism requirements into account. As part of this project, it must be possible to raise awareness of "regional summer and winter offers" and "Kaiserau - Discover! Experience! Enjoy!" and to secure the "Kaiserau" recreational area as a location through presence in (supra-)regional print and online media. The construction of a so-called pump track provides an additional offer for guests of the Kaiserau - from young to old. In particular, the concentration, coordination, balance and thus road safety of children and adults will be promoted and, last but not least, health will be improved. The establishment of an adequate charging infrastructure for e-bikes should also make the "Destination Kaiserau" more attractive for e-bike riders. The "e-biking" trend in particular is becoming ever stronger and an appropriate infrastructure on site is essential for this. Last but not least, this will ensure the efficient and coordinated implementation of regional policy development projects and fulfil the principles of the Liezen-Gesäuse LEADER region. The existing strengths of the entire region will also be communicated more precisely and, above all, more attractively in the future. Sharpening the positioning is one of the main focal points of future work in the tourism sector.

Total project costs: € 92,922.04

Maximum funding amount: € 55,753.22

Completion date: September 2019



Project: "Children's skiing for the region"

The LEADER project "Children's skiing for the region" was set up to help children learn to ski and provide parents with financial support for the purchase of new ski equipment each year. The promotion of young skiers is a major concern of Kaiserau Tourismus GmbH. For this reason, all 1st and 2nd year primary school pupils and kindergarten children in the municipalities of Admont and Ardning were provided with free ski equipment (skis and ski boots).

Total project costs: € 38,772.74

Maximum grant amount: € 23,263.72

Completion date: June 2020


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Kaiserau playground
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