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Foreword by the Most Reverend Abbot, Mag. Gerhard Hafner OSB.

Dear Readers!

Our Benedictine monastery was founded in 1074 – a long history; but a young, Christian, contemporary spirit hopefully thrives within our walls.

With the message and the person of Jesus Christ and the mindset of Saint Benedict, we seek God. This is the foundation on which we stand and thus want to be there for the people of our time: in church, through social work, through education, culture and in the economy.

If your journey through life is with God, you can expect the unexpected in your life.

This is true for those men who choose to live with us in the monastery, to follow Christ. This is true for the many visitors in our museum landscape. This is true for the students who prepare for life in our secondary school with the help of our teachers. This is true for the employees in our many establishments, who contribute with their work so that many social and humanitarian projects can be implemented on behalf of our monasteries.

Visit us at Admont, with heartfelt blessings

Abbot Mag. Gerhard Hafner OSB., Admont Abbey

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