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Duties & Activities


The Admont monks meet several times a day to pray the hours together and to celebrate Holy Mass. They do this on behalf of all Christians in the world in the concerns of our time.


06:15 am

Vigil and Lauds, in the choir chapel / cloister


07:00 am

weekdays, in the collegiate church


12:15 pm

Terce, Sext, None, in the cloisters


17:45 pm

Vespers, Compline, in the cloisters



With these words, the monastic rule of St. Summarize Benedict of Nursia. The monk father wrote it around 529 in Montecassino in Italy for his community.

The first and foremost duty of all monks is to glorify God in prayer. We meet several times a day to pray the Liturgy of the Hours together and to celebrate Holy Mass. In addition, we monks have a variety of other tasks to perform.

Ora – Pray

The first and most important task of the monks is the prayer.

St. Benedikt wrote in his rule: At the hour for the Divine Office, as soon as the signal is heard, let them abandon whatever they may have in hand and let them come in great haste.

(Rule of Benedict Chapter 43,1)



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Labora – work

In the times between prayers, the monks perform different services.

Idleness is the enemy of the soul. Therefore the monks should be occupied at certain times in manual labor (…).

(Rule of Benedict Chapter 48,1)


Admont Abbey is currently responsible for 26 parishes .

Look at the video about P. Clemens Grill

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Lege - read

Therefore the monks should be occupied at fixed hours in sacred reading. (Rule of Benedict Chapter 48,1)

But whatever Admont Abbey undertakes, it is done in the spirit of the Rule of St. Benedikt: „Ut in omnibus glorificetur Deus! – So that in all things God may be glorified!“

(Rule of Benedict Chapter 57,9)

Tasks within the monastery

The whole size of the monastery is about 12,65 hectare. There is a wide range of tasks, which fulfill the monks together with the roughly 500 people in its businesses. The head of the monastery is the abbot, as spiritual and economic father. The prior represents the abbot in his absence. He is also responsible for organizational procedures within the monastery.

The Admont abbey is as well a cultural center known in Austria and in furthermore countries. 

Beside the museum the monastery is home of the world largest monastery library which contains about 70.000 books. The whole collection includes about 200.000 books with around 1400 manuscripts and printings, which are stored in the archive of the abbey. Hospitality is an important issue in the rule. There is a guest Master who accommodates people in the monastery.

Beside this tasks there are further services of the monks, for example master of the kitchen, novice master, rector of the oblates etc. Every monk is installed in a task regarding his personal talents. 

Task outside the monastery

Not only inside the monastery, as well as outside of the house there are a huge range of pastoral tasks. The abbey runs Meeting House and a hall of residence for students in Graz to keep in touch with students and graduates of the Stiftsgymnasium. Also some fraternitys are served by Admonter monks.

The abbey is a regional motor, not only in economic issues. In every stage of life the monastery is active. For the elderly people the house runs a nursing home. Some monks are responsible for the pastoral attendance.


Abbey School

The monastery runs a Gymnasium (Grammar School) with about 450 students, where some confreres are teachers of various subjects and school organization.

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