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DVERI PAX winery © Stefan Leitner
Mood pictures DVERI PAX
Mood pictures DVERI PAX
Mood pictures DVERI PAX

DVERI PAX - The traditional monastery wine from Admont

Honoured and awarded. First mentioned in a document in 1139, the wine of the Benedictine monks was already being savoured at the imperial court in Vienna. Today, Dveri Pax is one of the best wines in Austria, characterised by high quality and sustainable cultivation. The knowledge of the careful production of fine wines that has been preserved over the centuries is reflected in the numerous international awards our wine has received.


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DVERI PAX winery © Stefan Leitner
Dveri Pax ©Thoms Sattler 21 www
DVERI PAX winery © Stefan Leitner
Dveri Pax ©Thoms Sattler 12 www
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Wine trade in Austria 

The Stiftsgärtnerei in Admont is the exclusive sales outlet for Dveri Pax wines in Austria - including the best expert advice. Your path to enjoyment leads you through the spacious abbey grounds with its art-historical treasures directly to the flower house, where you can choose your personal favourites from the entire range of wines.

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