Literature trail 2021

literature path

Setting: Admont Abbey

At eight locations in Styria, significant medieval texts are presented vividly and innovatively - one of them is located in Admont and leads visitors 500 meters around the Upper Styrian Abbey.

Styrian literature trails from the Middle Ages


3D objects

Along the way, you will find five spectacular 3D objects on which a classic of medieval German-language medical literature is presented, namely, excerpts from the 15th-century manuscript of Bartholomäus of Admont.

The project is headed by Prof Dr Wernfried Hofmeister from the Institute of German Studies at the University of Graz. Hofmeister: "These eight locations were deliberately chosen because medieval texts were once collected or written in these places. Monasteries have always been places where people turned when they were at a loss!"

In the Admont Abbey Library, we have found treasures from a medieval collection of medical literature, namely from Admont's Bartholomäus.

Story stops

Excerpts from this medieval treasure are now brought to life along an easily accessible path. At the five narrative stations, the medical texts are presented vividly and innovatively. A multimedia enhancement is provided by the QR code at the last station, through which you can access an audio text. Images from valuable manuscripts illustrate Bartholomaeus' teachings, such as recipes for toothaches. Bartholomaeus was a bestseller in the Middle Ages, and his literature had practical utility. The project team has endeavored to make the breadth of his medical knowledge comprehensible in the literature path.

The Styrian Literature Paths with their eight stations form a unique network throughout Europe, and they are secured for the next five to ten years by the University Association 'Styrian Literature Paths of the Middle Ages.

Other outdoor facilities

Outdoor facilities in and around Admont Abbey.