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pilgrimage routes

The longest journey is the one to oneself

We would like to introduce you to pilgrimage routes on this page that pass by or start at Admont Abbey.

The Hemma Pilgrimage Route

Saint Hemma was born around 980 as the Countess of Friesach-Zeltschach and founded the Benedictine monasteries of Gurk and Admont. Starting from Admont Abbey, the Hemma Pilgrimage Route leads to Gurk in Carinthia, where Saint Hemma is buried in the cathedral crypt. Her veneration has a centuries-old tradition in Carinthia, Styria, and Slovenia. Born around 980 as the Countess of Friesach-Zeltschach, her charity and philanthropy made her well-known among the population.

from Admont to Gurk (186.6 km)

Duration: 59 h
Altitude profile: 7077 / 7047 m
Difficulty: 3 / 5

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The pilgrimage route is divided into 7 stages, although everyone can of course make their own individual route selection. Along the route, there are numerous sights worth taking some time to visit. It all begins right at the start with Admont Abbey and its library, which is considered the largest monastery library in the world. One of the most beautiful natural spectacles along the way is certainly crossing the Niedere Tauern via the Glattjoch, with Oberwölz as the endpoint of the stage. Oberwölz is the smallest town in Styria, with a historically valuable town center surrounded by an impressive city wall.

The Benedictine Way

"The Benedictine Way" was created on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the resettlement of St. Paul's Abbey in the Lavanttal in 2009, and it is named after the order's founder, Benedict of Nursia. The trail leads from Spital am Pyhrn through Admont, Seckau, Maria Buch, Wolfsberg, St. Paul, and Slovenj Gradec to Gornij Grad in Slovenia.

from Spital am Pyhrn to Gornij Grad/Slo. (126.1 km)

Duration: 37 h 30 min
Altitude profile: 3227 / 3170 m
Difficulty: 2 / 5



The section of the Benedictine Way through Styria takes us from monastery to monastery - from Admont through Seckau to Carinthia. Scenic highlights include the Gesäuse National Park and crossing the Niedere Tauern. Nature and culture alternate, with small towns complementing the rich natural experiences.

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