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Church Choir

Bis orat qui bene cantat – "he who sings well prays twice" (Augustine)

The Second Vatican Council stipulated that "the treasure of sacred music should be preserved and cultivated with the utmost care." Admont Church Choir, consisting of around 45 singers under the direction of Mag. Albert Wonaschütz, devotes itself with great care to this stipulation.

Admont Abbey Church Choir 1
Admont Abbey Church Choir 1
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Its main task is therefore the musical design of pontifical and parish liturgy. Music of all eras is sung, from early Gregorian chant to the great masses of the Viennese classics, right down to new music. On solemnities, the solemn liturgy is always arranged with an orchestral mass. In addition, the choir sings every now and then at weddings and funerals, or participates in other events. (Admont Advent singing, Styria cantat, etc.)

Men and women who are interested, who enjoy music and are willing to rehearse regularly are always welcome to sing along with us. Rehearsals are held every Thursday from 7.30 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. in Admont Abbey's Small Ceremonial Hall, except during school holidays.

Afterwards, there is then an opportunity for socialising at the Cäcilien-Stüberl. The social side of things is not neglected in other respects either, whether at various birthday parties or on the two-day choir outing, which takes place every two years.

Orchestral masses in the repertoire

W.A. Mozart:
Missa brevis in G major, KV 140
Missa brevis in C major, KV 220 (Sparrow Mass)
Mass in C major, KV 257 (Credo Mass)
Missa brevis in C major, KV 259 (Organ Solo Mass)
Mass in B-flat major, KV 275
Missa in C major, KV 317 (Coronation Mass)

Missa brevis Sancti Johannis de Deo (Little Organ Mass)
Missa Sancti Nicolai Missa in tempore belli (Timpani Mass)

Schubert: Mass in G major, D 167

Reimann: Pastoral Mass in C major

Kempter: Pastoral Mass in G major

Rathgeber: Missa fac bonum

Kronsteiner: Christkindl Mass (Mass for the Christ Child)