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Building department

A hard-working mill wheel does not freeze!

The abbey's building department is an organisation that is primarily responsible for maintaining the building fabric of the Benedictine Abbey of Admont and the 26 incorporated parishes.

The task of the foundation's construction department is to handle and coordinate all remodelling and maintenance work as well as restoration and new buildings from project development to completion.

Admont Health Centre ©Thomas Sattler
Admont Health Centre ©Thomas Sattler
Admont Health Centre © Thomas Sattler
Admont Health Centre ©Thomas Sattler
Collegiate Church ©Thomas Sattler 8
Stia Immo ©Thomas Sattler 6 e1634722896547
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Admont Health Centre © Thomas Sattler
Admont Abbey Grammar School - exterior photo © Thomas Sattler
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Admont Abbey - the world's largest monastery library © Stefan Leitner
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Stia Immo ©Thomas Sattler e1634723358650
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Due to the scope and complexity of the work, the company is managed by a licenced master builder and is located directly in the Benedictine Abbey of Admont. The employees are specially trained skilled workers (bricklayers, carpenters, cabinetmakers) who still work according to traditional craft techniques, building, adding to, renovating or restoring parts. Some of the work is carried out by the company's own employees. In addition, construction work is also put out to tender, which ultimately benefits the local economy. The basic prerequisite for the preservation of our monuments is careful handling of the existing building fabric, as well as good and intensive co-operation with technically competent partners and authorities (Federal Monuments Office, etc.).

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