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Forestry operations


The forest administrations of Admont and Trieben are responsible for the Abbey's estate of roughly 25,000 hectares, of which approximately 17,800 hectares are forest. The resource of wood is managed sustainably in the grounds.  

In addition, the owned areas are also managed by hunting, agricultural land and alpine pastures are leased to local farmers, and fishing rights are exercised in rivers and lakes.  


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A 25,000-hectare estate, 17,800 hectares of forest, 2 forest administrations, 7 forest divisions and numerous hunting grounds, 140 kilometres of fishable watercourses, 70 hectares of ponds and lakes


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The Admont forestry enterprise is located in the northern Alps and borders Gesäuse National Park to the east and Upper Austria to the north.

The total area of 11,500 ha is located at an altitude of 650 m to 2,200 m above sea level. The terrain is mostly steep and cannot be accessed by vehicles. The bedrock lies in the transitional area from carbonate (lime, dolomite) to silicate (slate). The limestone Alps form imposing mountain backdrops here, with the Haller Mauern and the Admonter Kalbling. Due to the geology, climate and altitude, the natural community of the forest consists mainly of spruce, fir and larch trees. 40,000 solid cubic metres of wood are harvested annually within the scope of sustainable utilisation.  

Trieben Forest Administration

The property of Admont Benedictine Abbey that is managed by the Trieben Forest Administration extends in several separate areas from the Palten Valley over the Triebener Tauern Pass into the Pölstal and further into the upper Lavant valley on the Styrian border to Carinthia. The total area of 13,500 ha is located at an altitude of 700 m to 2,450 m above sea level in the municipalities of Trieben, Rottenmann, Gaishorn, Hohentauern, Pölstal and Obdach. The bedrock consists of graphite schists and phyllitic slates from the greywacke zone in the Paltental, quartzite slates and gneiss in the Seckau and Rottenmann Tauern, and mica schists and schist gneiss in the Seetal Alps. Due to the geology and the location in the interalpine region of spruce and pine forests, our forests consist predominantly of the tree species spruce, fir and larch, which grow there naturally. At the high altitudes of the Rottenmann and Seckau Tauern and the Seetal Alps, Swiss pine is also found in larger portions. In the course of managing the usable forest areas, approximately 45,000 solid cubic metres of sustainable wood are produced each year.  

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In order to maintain our extensive fleet of vehicles, we have our own automotive workshop.

Head of the workshop: Thomas Fahrnberger


+43 (0) 664 353 353



Admont Benedictine Abbey has the right to fish in numerous rivers, streams, ponds and lakes in Upper Styria. Available fishing waters are leased by the forestry enterprise directly or are offered on the platform www.hejfish.com We are happy to receive reservations and enquiries at any time.

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The Admont Abbey estate

The entire estate of Admont Abbey encompasses around 25,000 hectares. The land transactions department is responsible for managing the plots, as well as for processing and archiving transactions.


Please send any enquiries concerning land or real estate belong to Admont Abbey to the contacts provided below.