Joining the monastery



“Then come, follow me.” 


If you are interested in entering the Admont monastery, please contact Abbot Mag. Gerhard Hafner O.S.B. or to the novice master P. Subprior Thomas Stellwag-Carion O.S.B.

+43 (0) 664/603 53 712

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The way of those interested
Joining the monastery

Candidacy and postulancy

After a few guest residencies in our Abbey, where people can get to know each other and which prompts the decision to join our monastery, the period of postulancy begins. They move into a room in the cloister (living area) and carry out their daily routine together with the monks. This period of postulancy may last from 2 to 6 months.

Request for admission into the novitiate
Investiture in the monastic robe and commencement of the 12-month novitiate

With the beginning of the novitiate, they wear the habit, the monk's garment. This year, they spend all of their time in the Abbey. It is characterised by novices' daily training, where they study the Rule of St Benedict, get to know the Abbey with its tasks and history and are introduced to the prayer of the Psalms and to Benedictine spirituality. This year the brothers are still free to leave the monastery at any time.

Request to pronounce their ‘temporal profession’ for three years

After the one-year novitiate, they can pronounce their temporal profession (vow) for three years. This time should serve to further clarify their vocation. Many young monks then begin to study theology or other subjects in order to prepare themselves for their future tasks.

Request to pronouce their ‘solemn (perpetual) profession’

After three years at the earliest, they can then pronounce their solemn profession. These vows bind them to the community of Admont Benedictine Abbey for the rest of their lives.

Minimum requirements

demanded of candidates are:
*) the Matura (school-leaving examination/A levels or
*) completed vocational training. 

As a rule, the age of admission is between 18 and 40 years; In special cases, exceptions are made.

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