Herbs and seedlings nursery

Herbs and seedlings

Fragrant, healthy variety in your garden


Home-grown herbs and seedlings

They banish fever and headaches, have an antibacterial and calming effect or stimulate the circulation - herbs have a wide range of effects on the human body. 

Planted in your garden, they serve as a healing natural pharmacy as well as adding flavour to your dishes.

Our passion for collecting herbs from all over the world allows you to draw from an extensive range. In addition to common culinary herbs, oriental and Mediterranean aromatic plants, which enjoy a robust and healthy nature, also grow in the glasshouses of the Admont Abbey nursery.

Young plants for your home garden

The first seedlings are already waiting to be planted out in our greenhouses in winter. But only when our offspring have grown into strong young plants can they put down roots in your garden.

With much love and dedication, we grow numerous varieties of tomato, pepper, cucumber and lettuce plants in the glasshouses of the Admont Abbey nursery, which contribute to your healthy diet without the use of chemical pesticides.