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Nursery 2022
Stiftsgärtnerei nursery (c) Yvonne Stecher
Nursery 2022
Stiftsgärtnerei nursery (c) Yvonne Stecher

Admont Abbey nursery

Grown in Admont and regionally from sustainable cultivation

In the 2,500 m² glasshouses of the Admont Abbey nursery, fragrant flowers and herbs grow alongside vigorous young vegetable plants. With all our knowledge and the right instinct, we nurture our plants from their first awakening to their sale.

For us, sustainable cultivation means combining human will and natural harmonise the environment with the earth. To protect our plants from pests, we therefore rely on beneficial animals instead of chemical agents. Our nursery, with the best quality through in-house production, is open for you from April to October.


Sale in the nursery of:
  • Balcony & summer flowers
  • Herbs & spices
  • Fruit trees
  • hardy plants for your garden
  • and much more.