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Native plants for good growth


The right tree in the right place

When designing your garden, we rely entirely on native tree species that not only harmonise perfectly with the regional landscape, but also with the prevailing climate.

Our commitment to regionality has also awakened a love of old fruit tree varieties, which is why old and rare varieties such as "Grafensteiner", "Kronprinz Rudolf" or the "Hauszwetschke" are firmly anchored in our range.

In addition to choosing the right variety, choosing the right location is crucial for good growth. We will therefore be happy to advise you directly in your garden on the best place for your young tree to thrive.

Blooming gratitude from perennials and shrubs 

If perennials and shrubs are well cared for, they will conjure up a veritable firework of colour in your garden. They repay attentive care with blooming splendour - and not just in spring.

When selecting your perennials and shrubs, we pay attention to harmonious colour combinations as well as different flowering periods. So you can enjoy not just one, but many months of bliss in your garden.

Mixed hedges against green uniformity

The right hedge for your garden should blend in perfectly with the local landscape and protect you from prying eyes with its dense growth. Flowering, mixed and deciduous hedges in particular meet these requirements and also provide colourful contrasts in your green realm.

As not every street tree is equally tolerant of frost, drought and salt, we pay attention to the individual conditions of your garden. This ensures that your hedge is not only beautiful, but also long-lasting.