Bibliothek klein




In three major project phases that lasted from 2004 to 2008, all items made of stone and metal, the ceiling frescoes together with all the carvings and articles made of wood were carefully renovated. The whole of the book inventory in the library ‒ some 70,000 volumes ‒ was cleaned and examined for signs of damage. Over 5,000 books had to be restored. Despite all the on-going work during this period, Admont Abbey library remained open to visitors.

And it was high time that the restoration work was carried out. Parts of the structural fabric and a significant proportion of the books were already under threat. This once-in-a-lifetime restoration project at Admont Abbey library was completed under the supervision of the Austrian Federal Monuments Office (BDA).

So this architectural and artistic jewel has now been preserved intact to be enjoyed by future generations. Thanks to the work finalised in March 2008, this, the largest monastery library in the world, has been returned to its original splendour.

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