PVE Deaconesses © Andreas Zechner

Health is only possible together 

PVE in Admont sets new standards and introduces you to its team.

Health is only possible together

Monday, 20 November 2023

The primary care unit (PVE) in Admont opened its doors at the beginning of October. It is run by Diakoniewerk with the clear aim of being the first point of contact for healthcare in the region. Here, doctors, nurses, therapists and other healthcare experts work side by side and on an equal footing to offer patients comprehensive care at the highest level. "We want to show how a committed community of healthcare professionals can help to raise the well-being of patients to a new level," says Hannes Stickler, MBA - Managing Director of PVE Diakonissen GmbH. In future, primary medical care will be provided by twelve experts for around 40 hours from Monday to Friday.

We would like to introduce three of the experts to you today:

Dr Jörg Schweiger, General Practitioner
Jörg Schweiger lives in Admont and works in the team of PVE doctors one day a week, contributing his experience as a long-standing practising doctor in the region to the new organisational form. I am even more motivated after the first team meeting and am delighted to be able to work in PV Admont, which is a great experience at the end of my medical career.

PVE Deaconesses Admont - Jörg Schweiger © Andreas Zechner
PVE Deaconesses Admont - Christa Berger © Andreas Zechner

Christa Berger, surgery assistant
Christa Berger, comes from Hall and has dedicated her life to health. For more than 30 years, the trained surgery assistant and mother of two grown-up children, who have also chosen a career in the healthcare sector, has gained valuable experience and expertise with general practitioners in the district. Mrs Berger is known for her need for harmony and her talent for fostering a strong team environment. She recognises that the best care can only be achieved when everyone pulls together. Her ability to bring joy and positive energy to working with others is palpable.

Edisa Kablic, cleaner
Edisa Kablic ensures that cleanliness and hygiene are always guaranteed at PVE. The Bosnian, who has lived in Admont for many years, is very passionate about her work. "I really enjoy working as a cleaner and I want the patients to feel comfortable here and my colleagues to enjoy working here," she emphasises. What Mrs Kablic appreciates about her work is the opportunity to concentrate fully on the job and that she has time for her family. The community and cohesion in the surgery are very important to her and invaluable - everyone contributes to making this a welcoming and human place.

PVE Deaconesses Admont - Edisa Kablic © Andreas Zechner

Opening hours PVE
Monday to Thursday from 07:30 to 16:00
Friday from 08:30 to 17:00
From 13:30: by appointment only
+43 (0)3613 / 36627

Group photo: from left: Friedrich Drobesch, Christa Berger, Michaela Schneeweis, Edisa Kablic, Julia Wöhri, Katharina Kuschetz (left the team at her own request), Anna Maxonus, Nina Faber, Stefanie Dechler, Arzu Akgün, Jörg Schweiger

Photos: © Andreas Zechner