Admont Benedictine Abbey - Panorama (c) Stefan Leitner

Stability and security for almost 950 years

The Benedictine Abbey of Admont is one of the twenty oldest organisations in the world. *) It is even the fourth oldest in the manufacturing sector.

Stability and security for almost 950 years

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

One of the reasons why the monks of Admont Abbey have been running flourishing businesses for almost a thousand years is because of the way they deal with crises.

"Admont Abbey was founded in 1074 to strengthen the Christian faith in Admont and the region, promote culture and build up the economy. To this day, we, the monks and the monastery businesses, feel committed to this mission. Ora et labora et lege, prayer - work - education, living today, translating into today, is part of evangelisation, means bringing Jesus Christ to people today. We have been fulfilling this task for almost 950 years. With God's help, may many more years follow," says Gerhard Hafner OSB, Abbot of the Benedictine Abbey of Admont.

The coronavirus pandemic is posing difficult challenges for businesses around the world. Admont has found its own way to deal with the crisis: "For centuries, we have stood for stability and security. Therefore, even in this COVID phase, it was not an option for us to lay off employees. Quite the opposite. Our philosophy is to go into the future stronger through targeted investments," says Abbot Gerhard Hafner OSB. One important step in this direction is the advancement of digitalisation. Masses are broadcast via livestream, a digital pastoral care tool has been set up, an international cultural marketing platform has been developed and an internal communication platform and new work processes have ensured the smooth continuation of daily operations for over a year.

Investing instead of capitulating

Over 25 million euros are being channelled into the expansion of the Admont timber industry. The acquisition of new systems and machines as well as investments in various areas such as research and development and digitalisation will secure the jobs of around 290 employees. "The development of products and increasing competitiveness for our customers are important to us, which is why we continue to invest in the Admont site," says Economic Director Franz Pichler LL.M. Milestones have also been set in the area of culture: In February 2021, the global pioneering project in the cultural sector went online. This platform enables digital tours of art and cultural treasures with the latest high-tech functions. And all from the comfort of your own home. Despite the new digital platform, visits to museums on site should not be neglected, emphasises the Economic Director. "August 2021 was the second-busiest month for visitors in the museum's history. Almost 16,000 people visited us in this one month. That makes us proud."

"110 years of energy supply at Admont Abbey"

"The current crisis situation in all areas shows us that we have reached the zenith of energy prosperity with our current energy consumption - and this with the help of energy in any form, which is supposedly unlimited and available at all times. What must follow is a rethink of new values in life: "less is more", improving resource productivity while stabilising consumption. Economy, environment and social issues must be in balance," says Christoph Hell, Managing Director of ENVESTA GmbH.

Transferred to our area of responsibility, this means, among other things, using domestic energy sources with minimal environmental impact through compensatory equalisation measures with highly developed technology on site and reducing overall energy consumption through the consciously economical use of energy. As a model region for ecological energy generation, a secure supply, intelligent grid structure and customised support services, ENVESTA will continue to take on the challenges ahead and do its best to meet them, says Christoph Hell.

Promoting social projects

"Especially in such challenging times, it is important to offer people prospects," emphasises Abbot Gerhard Hafner. In June last year, a primary care centre was opened on the grounds of the Benedictine monastery, bringing together two general practitioners, specialists and healthcare staff. The site was made available by the monks of Admont Abbey and adapted accordingly during a one-year construction phase.

377 years of Admont Abbey Grammar School

The Benedictine Abbey Grammar School is the abbey's private Catholic school and a centuries-old educational and scientific centre in the region around Admont. After a long period of remodelling and renovation as well as high investments, it now shines in new splendour. Education and science are the backbone of a society and so it is an essential mission for Admont Abbey to provide the pupils of the region with an essential building block for their lives by offering them an educational programme.

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