Group photo of three music clubs

Three music clubs for a project close to our hearts

Three music clubs join forces for a project close to their hearts.

Three music clubs for a project close to our hearts

Wednesday , 11 October 2023

Every year on Rein Abbey's Founder's Day, the founder Margrave Leopold is celebrated with a work composed especially for him by the former military bandmaster Rudolf Bodingbauer.

Music districts from all over Styria are entrusted with the performance of this multi-movement work year after year.

Representing the Liezen music district are the Ardning Music Association, the Selzthal Railway Music Association and the Wörschach Music Association under the musical direction of Martin Eckmann.

This musical collaboration is dedicated to the memory of two extremely deserving fellow musicians who sadly passed away in the last two years: Klaus Lemmerer and Gernot Wechsler, both born in Wörschach. They were active in several music societies and the musicians involved want to honour their memory with this special collaboration and the resulting splendour of sound.

In order to give fellow fans in their home country the chance to listen to these brilliant sounds, there will be a public dress rehearsal in the form of a mass and subsequent performance of the piece "Margrave Leopold" in the Admont Abbey Church.

On Sunday, 22 October 2023, Holy Mass will begin at 10:00 a.m. and "Margrave Leopold" will be played immediately afterwards.

three music clubs
Photo EMV three music clubs
Group photo of three music clubs