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Tourist evening and museum day at Admont Abbey

Action week at Admont Benedictine Abbey

Tourist evening and museum day at Admont Abbey

Wednesday, 11 May 2022

To Ascension Day, 26 May 2022visitors can visit the Admont Abbey Museum free of charge. Beforehand, the Benedictine Abbey invites you to Monday, 23 May 2022The event was held in Admont for a large networking meeting of tourism professionals.

Next week Thursday, on Ascension Day, the Admont Abbey Museum is organising an open day. "With free admission, we cordially invite visitors to view the high-calibre exhibitions in the Abbey Museum," says Mario Brandmüller, Head of Culture, Tourism and PR at Admont Abbey. The special exhibitions, the highlights of this season, are also freely accessible. The completely rearranged special exhibitions "We Frederick III & Maximilian I - cultural heritage in motion!" provide an exciting insight into the world, times and surroundings of the two Habsburg emperors. Exhibits from the Benedictine Abbey of Admont and the Mayer Collection have been supplemented by loans from all over Austria, South Tyrol and Germany and show in three consecutive rooms the world view, beliefs, flourishing crafts as well as the living and dining culture of the 15th and early 16th centuries.

"Styrian Roots" takes centre stage at the Museum of Contemporary Art, as the special exhibition of the same name is called. Renowned artists with close links to Styria compare the conditions of their artistic production in the past and present and provide an outlook for the future. As the owner of probably the most contrasting private museum in Austria, Admont Benedictine Abbey endeavours to play its part in the production, perception and communication of Styrian art. It is no coincidence that many of the works on display are "Made for Admont", as the Abbey Museum has also been commissioning works of art for over 20 years.

Artists and lenders will also be on site on the open day to view the exhibitions in person, as will numerous visitors. In addition to the high-calibre exhibits, the monastery shop will also be attracting visitors to the museum on this day with many activities.

Hannes Schwarz Photo
Special exhibition Styrian Roots Admont Abbey 2022
Admont Abbey - the world's largest monastery library © Stefan Leitner
Austria-wide networking meeting

After a break of several years due to the coronavirus, a meeting of tourism professionals is taking place again this year at the Benedictine monastery in Admont. The date chosen is 23 May, when "we want to present our tourism offer", says Mario Brandmüller. Invitations have been sent out throughout Austria. The aim of the meeting: to strengthen national cooperation and thus further boost regional tourism. In addition to representatives from all over Austria, "we hope to welcome many tourism professionals from the region so that we can push cooperation with local tourism businesses even further," says Brandmüller, emphasising the importance of regional cooperation with hotels and restaurants, as "it is important to pool capacities in order to achieve a strong joint presence." After all, the Benedictine monastery is expecting a rapid increase in holiday guests. One of the reasons for this is the sophisticated marketing strategy with which Admont Abbey has succeeded in reaching new target groups. Brandmüller predicts the positive response to the extensive activities on social media as follows: "We assume that we will be able to increase the number of holiday guests in the next two years through our activities on social media and elsewhere. Many tourism businesses will also be able to benefit from this, especially in the region."