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We are still in favour of primary care centres


Wednesday, 19 April 2023

The medical couple Eva Maria and Oliver Petz closed their practice in Admont at the end of March. The PVZ in Admont has now been taken over by a trio of doctors from Liezen who are extremely positive about primary care centres.


Opened in June 2020, the primary care centre in Admont had to register a change of operator for the first time. The Petz couple closed their practice at the end of March. In order to maintain basic medical care in the region, the trio of doctors who run the PVZ (primary care centre) in Liezen stepped in. The preparation time was a challenge for the three GPs Franz Kotzent, Gerhard Kummer and Heidelinde Altenaichinger. Just under a month had to be enough to organise everything, "you need good colleagues who help together and know when there is a need," says Franz Kotzent. The trio from Liezen is supported by retired doctors as well as "three other colleagues who want to work with us to find out how things work in such centres", says the GP. He is particularly pleased that the receptionists have also stayed on, as Kotzent emphasises.



He himself has been working as a GP for 30 years and knows both the work in his own practice and the work in the team at the primary care centre in Liezen. In his opinion, the latter is clearly preferable, as the GP emphasises. You work together as a team instead of alone in an individual practice and can exchange information and advice internally. In addition to the advantages for the teams of doctors practising there, primary care centres also offer added value for patients. The multidisciplinary collaboration between GPs and specialists, nursing staff and therapists from different fields enables comprehensive care. Appointments are made easier, double trips to the doctor are avoided and waiting times are reduced.



The primary care centre in Liezen was opened three years ago and "has been very well received by the population", says Kotzent. Kotzent attributes the staff restructuring at the primary care centre in Admont to various factors, such as the fact that one couple was unsuitable for filling two out of a total of three doctor's posts, as "of course they are usually not there at the same time", says Kotzent. The takeover by the Liezen trio not only ensures basic medical care, but also provides the necessary time to recruit a team of motivated doctors for the primary care centre in Admont. The conditions for this are ideal, because "the primary care centre in Admont is fabulously equipped. Not even we in Liezen have such good facilities. It's an achievable task for the young people who will certainly be welcomed here with open arms," says the Liezen GP, who offers his support to every newcomer. "Young doctors can get information from us at any time. At the moment, a colleague from Leoben is always in Liezen to see how things are going here," says Franz Kotzent, who emphasises the good networking of the primary care centres and the mutual support.



Since Dr Franz Kotzent, Dr Gerhard Kummer and Dr Heidelinde Altenaichinger took over, the primary care centre in Admont has been open from Monday to Friday from 07:30 to 12:30. Appointments can be made until 14:00. Home visits are also possible.