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Hiking & Climbing

Hiking on the Kaiserau

The Reichenstein group, whose most striking peak is the pyramid of the 2,196 m high Admonter Kalbling, is partly part of the Gesäuse National Park and is a true alpine gem.

With the construction of the Klinkehütte in 1941, which can be reached from the Kaiserau via a toll road, the alpine development of this area also began. Hikers and mountaineers in particular will find a wide range of activities here, from leisurely alpine hikes to challenging climbing tours. 

There are marked hiking routes from the paved car park on the Kaiserau, which are marked on an information board.

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Klinkehütte - Alpine idyll and rock formations
Nowhere else in the Gesäuse mountains are 2,000 metre peaks easier to reach than the proud summits that line up around the Klinkehütte. And if you don't want to go that high, you can relax on romantic alpine meadows or in winter on a tour through a magical snow-covered landscape.

Klinkehütte and alpine educational expertise
The ideal location and facilities have made the ÖAV refuge the "Alpine training centre of the Eastern Alps". Not only do various emergency organisations use the building and its surroundings for training purposes, the Klinkehütte is also an ideal base for local mountain guides and mountain hiking guides. The offer ranges from taster courses in rock and snow to yoga on the mountain.

Climbing on the Kaiserau

For experienced climbers, the Admont Kalbling offers a wide range of climbing routes in various levels of difficulty. The starting point is the Klinkehütte, which can be easily reached via the 5 km long toll road.

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From the Klinkehütte car park, visitors are separated from the highest peaks of the Reichenstein group by just under 700 metres in altitude - hiking enjoyment and extreme alpinism are literally close together here: the quickly reached steep faces of the Kalbling and Sparafeld offer a variety of climbing routes of all levels of difficulty. On the other hand, the circuit over the Wagenbänkalm and the crossing of the Lahngang summit, which offers great views, are gentler.

Summits, mountain pastures & huts

The following peaks, mountain pastures and huts can be reached from the Kaiserau car park:

- Admont Kalbling (2,196 m)
- Sparafeld (2,247 m)
- Riffelspitz (2,106 m)
- Kreuzkogel (2,011 m)
- Hahnstein (1,695 m)
- Lahngang summit (1,778 m)
- Klinkehütte
- Mödlinger hut
- Wagenbänkalm
- Sieglalm
- Scheiblegger Hochalm


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We ask all mountain sports enthusiasts to show consideration for the alpine landscape. The Kaiserau with its wildlife is a sensitive ecosystem, which is why unnecessary disturbance of any kind should be avoided.

Please pay attention to local weather forecasts for your hiking and mountain tours! If you are unsure, please contact the local Gesäuse Tourist Association ( or local mountain guides. Do not use Google Maps, but plan your tour using hiking maps, GPS and appropriate mountain sports websites.