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Kaiserau in summer © Thomas Sattler


Summer on the Kaiserau

To the south of Admont, at around 1,100 metres above sea level, lies the charming Kaiserau high plateau. The Kaiserau lies close to the Gesäuse National Park and is part of the Reichenstein group, whose most striking peak is the pyramid of the 2,196 metre-high Admonter Kalbling. The central car park can be reached by car from Admont and Trieben in around 10 minutes each.

The Kaiserau is popular with holidaymakers and sports enthusiasts all year round thanks to its unique topography and idyllic alpine setting. In addition to the summer offers, there is a small but excellent ski area on the Kaiserau in winter. 

The popular Ski hut Sportalm invites you to take a break in summer and winter. The cooking is down-to-earth and of the highest quality.

Come to the Kaiserau to recharge your batteries and experience nature!