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Monastery life & novitiate

Life in our community

Our community life is organised according to the Rules of St Benedict, adapted to our time and the required tasks from the founding mission of the monastery.

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More about life in our community

Seeking God is the first and most important duty of every monk, but as Benedictines, we do not have to accomplish this as ‘lone fighters’. We know that our community of brothers supports us. We experience this in particular during choral prayers, when celebrating Holy Mass, at the common table, in dialogue, when celebrating our festivals, during excursions, when visiting each other, when caring for our elderly and sick brothers, and sometimes also when sitting together at the table to enjoy a "glass of wine".

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How do I become a monk?

Men who want to get to know our life as Benedictine monks and who are interested in the Rule of Saint Benedict are cordially invited to visit Admont.

Joining the monastery

Monastic Vows

The monastic vow includes constancy, monastic life and obedience.

To the vow

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Temporary monastery residency

A monastery thrives on men who find their way to the monastery. In many areas we show time and again that we are an attractive house for men who wish to lead a life according to the Rule of Saint Benedict.

However, it is important for us to show people how we live as monks for people to consider joining our monastery.

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As part of our ‘Temporary monastery residency’ offer, men have a chance to get to know more about life in the monastery. The Benedictines of Admont cordially invite young men up to the age of 40 to come and get to know the monastery and the monks for a weekend. During these days, we wish to give them an insight into our house, our prayers, our economic management and the Rule of St Benedict. 

Information and registration: Subprior Fr. Thomas

 0664/ 60 353 712

Brother Thomas, as the Novice Master, is responsible for the young monks and those who are interested!

The duties of monks today

The holistic life of a Benedictine community can be briefly summarised with these words. Praying, working and reading the Holy Scripture as well as patristic texts are the pillars that life in the monastery is based on.

Duties in detail


Many paths lead to the monastery

One of Fr. Rupert's great talents is performing real feats on the organ. Before joining the monastery, he had turned his talent into a profession.

He worked as an organist and conductor of the church choir for a few years. He thereby found his way to a deeper relationship with God – above all through liturgy – and thus finally his vocation to monastic life.