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Green transport for the region

Admont Abbey launches e-car sharing! The declared aim is to set up an e-car sharing platform in the greater Admont area.

Green transport for the region

Monday, 19 July 2021

Admont Abbey launches e-car sharing

Borrowing is better than buying. This not only reduces the costs of purchase and maintenance, but also environmentally harmful CO2 emissions. E-car sharing is also a sensible addition to public transport. In order to provide a digital booking platform for e-cars, Admont's Benedictine monastery has enlisted the expert support of "Familiy of power", a non-profit European co-operative for the promotion of eco-social economic regions. Whether on a smartphone, PC or tablet - bookings can be made quickly and conveniently: Simply reserve an e-car online and you are on your way in an environmentally friendly way. A one-off registration is required before the first booking. You will be charged for the kilometres driven, with a daily flat rate for longer journeys.

Admont Abbey Green traffic 1
Six-month test operation

Before the e-car sharing platform can be officially launched, the use of e-mobility must first be put through its paces. In particular, the practicality and customer-friendliness of the booking platform and the charging stations will be subjected to a comprehensive check. After six months, the test phase should be completed and operations launched. Franz Pichler, Economic Director of the Benedictine Abbey of Admont, explains why e-car sharing is no longer an issue that is only of interest to large cities. "By using e-mobility combined with the sharing economy, transport can be organised in a way that conserves resources and is environmentally friendly. A goal that is being pursued throughout Europe. To ensure that future generations have a planet worth living on, the Benedictine Abbey of Admont also wants to make a contribution to climate neutrality," says the Economic Director.

As a first step, the employees of the Benedictine monastery were equipped with a VW e-Golf from the Laimer car dealership in Liezen. This means that business and private journeys can now be made in an environmentally friendly vehicle.

Charging stations without commitment

The charging station is to electric cars what the petrol station is to petrol or diesel-powered vehicles. The only catch: charging is often only possible with an association or club membership with the respective provider of the charging station. Not so with local electricity producer Envesta. The two charging stations, which are located right next to the Envesta company building and the Hotel Spirodom in Admont, are publicly accessible and easy to use with a debit or credit card. Without any fixed commitment. Envesta also offers a charging station for e-bikes. Charging is even free of charge here. The charging station is located in the car park in front of the Envesta company building. The great advantage of this location is that while the battery is being charged with Admont's natural electricity, bikers can stroll around the extensive abbey grounds, visit the abbey cellar or the abbey museum.

Competent advice

The new e-car sharing platform is not only a welcome alternative to owning a car, but also offers an uncomplicated test opportunity for all those who want to buy an e-car themselves. Before making a purchase, however, comprehensive advice should be obtained from the electricity grid provider, emphasises Envesta Managing Director Christoph Hell: "It is important to obtain all the relevant information so that the costs do not come as a surprise. As a domestic grid operator, it is within our expertise to advise on the purchase of charging stations and subsidy options."