Dressing Brother Benedikt-5 © Sabine Breitenfuß

Clothing of frater Benedikt 2023

A new novice in our monastery! Benedek Nemeth was clothed as an Admont Benedictine at vespers on 10 October 2023.

Dressing of frater Benedikt

Tuesday, 10 October 2023

A new novice in our monastery
Benedek Nemeth was clothed as an Admont Benedictine at vespers on 10 October 2023. The 25-year-old novice comes from Hungary. After his A-levels, he completed a technical degree. His desire to become a Benedictine monk, his love of the German language and getting to know our community led him to our monastery. Abbot Gerhard warmly invited Benedek Nemeth's parents, grandmother and siblings to come to Admont again and again. At the end, he solved the riddle of the new novice's monastery name with the words: 'If someone is allowed to bear this name from the beginning, there is little reason to change it: Benedek becomes frater Benedikt!

His Bible passage: "You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you would go out and bear fruit and that your fruit would remain." John 15:16


From the abbot's sermon:
Books that are given to you along the way:
- Bible: the word of God, what more commentary is needed
- Book of Hours: Praise to God - our daily dialogue with God
- The Rule of St Benedict: old and yet always new!
- House history: you live your spiritual life in a specific monastery where consistency is of the utmost importance 

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Introducing our novice

I am Benedikt Nemeth OSB, 25 years old and the new novice of Admont Abbey. I come from Hungary, from Ödenburg, or as it is called in Hungarian, from Sopron, where I grew up together with my four siblings. I studied for 12 years at the Ursulines in Ödenburg, where I passed my A-levels in 2017. Even back then, I was already asking myself: "What would it be like if I were a priest?". At the time, I couldn't present this wish to my family, so I continued my studies in a secular career at the Technical University of Budapest. During my time at university, I already knew that I wanted to change my life in a clerical direction, but before that I completed the studies I had started, so I graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering in 2021. At the end of summer 2021, I entered the Benedictine Abbey in Tihany next to Lake Balaton, where I lived for two years. Shortly afterwards, I took my C1 language exam (native-like level) for German at the ÖSD Institute. After the Hungarian novitiate, I wanted to continue studying theology at an Austrian university, which would not have been possible after the novitiate in Hungary. For this reason, I left Tihany and came to Admont to continue the Benedictine way of life and to become a good Benedictine and religious priest in Admont. I find the focus of Admont Abbey exemplary, especially the common choir prayer, the pastoral service in the neighbourhood and the education in the abbey grammar school. I would also like to join these activities in the future. I am very grateful that the community in Admont has accepted and welcomed me so warmly and that I was able to officially begin my novitiate on 10 October with the investiture.

frater Benedikt Portrait © Sabine Breitenfuß