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Lute autumn

That was the Admont Lautenherbst!

Opening concert of the 7th Admont Lute Autumn

It began with reflections on the power of music. Abbot Gerhard thus opened the 7th Admont Lute Autumn in "his" collegiate church, and the North German ensemble "I Zefirelli" translated into sound what the head of the monastery meant. Specialist ensembles - and those for early music are no exception these days - often display an astonishing level of musical expertise and virtuosity. The young musicians from Bremen to Hamburg lived up to these expectations in every respect. The programme included works by Henry Purcell, Arcangelo Corelli and G. G. Handel, as well as 17th century folk music and German basso continuo songs. The evening was therefore pleasingly varied and the long applause from the large audience in the Admont Abbey Church was more than deserved. The organisers of the Lautenherbst were also applauded. It is not only large, renowned events that make up what we call a land of culture, but also the smaller initiatives, of which there are fortunately many in this country and to which the Admont Lautenherbst can rightly be counted. (Albert Wonaschütz)