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Another success for the Stiftsische Weingut

GOLD AGAIN AT THE WORLD WINE AWARDS for the Benedictine Abbey of Admont and Dveri Pax - title defence in London.

Another success for the Stiftsische Weingut

Monday, 30 November 2020

As in 2019, the world's most important wine award has once again awarded gold to the Dveri-Pax Furmint Brut from the current 2016 vintage. Danilo Flakus, director and oenologist at the Dveri-Pax winery, has once again confirmed that the indigenous Furmint grape variety is one of the best sparkling wines in the world and has confirmed the gold medal in London after 2019. In addition to gold with Furmint Brut 2016, Furmint Ilovci 2016 and Pinot Noir 2013 were honoured with silver and a further 8 wines with bronze. A veritable shower of medals!

Another success for Dveri-Pax, the winery of the monks of the Styrian Benedictine monastery of Admont

At the recently published "World Wine Awards 2020" of the renowned English trade magazine "Decanter", the winery located in Slovenian Styria won gold for its Furmint sparkling wine 2016 and an excellent rating of 96/100 points. Only Furmint from the best vineyards and the 2016 harvest is used to produce the wine, which is then matured on lees in the bottle for almost four years and, after disgorging, is corked as Brut nature without the addition of dosage. Just 9,653 bottles of this rarity were produced. After the triumph of 2018 and 2019 with a total of 13 medals, the current gold rating represents the next milestone in the almost 900-year winemaking tradition of the Admont Benedictine monks.

Flakus: "Furmint is one of the flagships of Slovenian viticulture. A wine that represents our country in all its beauty." The indigenous grape variety Furmint - or Šipon as it is known in Slovenia - represents the region like no other. In addition to the sparkling wine, Furmint Ilovci 2016 and Pinot Noir 2013 were also awarded silver. "This new award for Dveri-Pax and therefore also for Admont Abbey is confirmation of our daily high-quality work in the vineyard and in the cellar. Our thanks go to the team in Slovenia! We are of course particularly proud of the gold medal - also because it was awarded for Furmint and therefore for a very special grape variety," says a delighted Franz Pichler, Economic Director of Admont Benedictine Abbey.

You can purchase the wines at www.dveri-pax.comat the winery in Jarenina, at Blumen + Wein in Admont, at Kastner and Eurogast Landmarkt Liezen and Schladming.

The Decanter World Wine Awards 2020 in London

Under strict Covid safety guidelines, 116 of the world's most respected wine experts (including 37 Masters of Wine and 9 Master Sommeliers) tasted and evaluated more than 16,000 wines from 56 countries at the Decanter World Wine Award (DWWA) in London. The jury awarded a total of 50x Best in Show, 178 platinum, 537 gold, 5,234 silver and 7,508 bronze medals. The Decanter World Wine Award is the largest and most influential wine competition in the world and is recognised for its rigorous judging procedures.

Tradition since 1139

The "Dveri-Pax" vineyards cover a total of more than 75 hectares, with twelve other grape varieties planted alongside Furmint. The winery is located in Jarenina, Slovenia, just a few kilometres from the Styrian border with Spielberg. In addition to a wine shop for tastings, the winery has its own excellent restaurant with an adjoining vegetable garden. The vineyards have been owned by the monks of the Benedictine monastery of Admont since the 12th century. The vineyards were cultivated by winegrowers from the region who, among other things, produced the mass wine for the monks. The "Luttenberg wine" of the Admont monks is also cited by Ferdinand Raimund in "Farmer as Millionaire". After the monastery was expropriated of its properties during the Nazi era, the Admont monks got their land back in the 1990s. They have been harvesting the wine themselves again since 2001. And with great success, as shown not only by the current awards at the "Word Wine Awards". In addition to Austria and Slovenia, the main sales markets are Great Britain, Germany, the USA, Australia and China. The main varieties are Sauvignon, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Welschriesling and Furmint. Incidentally, a "Dveri-Pax" wine from this indigenous grape variety has already received the highest of all awards at Decanter - the "International Trophy" - namely the "Furmint/Šipon Strohwein 2009".

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