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Admont Abbey KHM Gothic GWK © Michael Braunsteiner
Admont Abbey Museum - Children in the Natural History Museum with reptiles © Thomas Sattler



The Grand museum of Admont Abbey was opened in the year 2003. Since than, it has established itself as a significant player in the Austrian museum landscape. It extends over three floors and two wings. Its exhibition space is equivalent to the size of approximately 36 single-family houses.

Connection of Old and New

Its uniqueness lies, on the one hand, in the exciting combination of old and new on both architectural and thematic levels, and on the other hand, in the diversity of offerings. Under one roof, there are art pieces ranging from the Middle Ages to the present, manuscripts and early prints, a Natural History Museum from the period of 1866-1906 (Museum within the Museum), an Art History Museum, special exhibitions, multimedia presentations about the monastery, a dedicated experience space for the "Nationalpark Gesäuse," and the museum workshop. Additionally, since 2017, the newly designed hall houses a Gothic Museum.

World's Largest Monastery Library

Breathtaking for most visitors is the impression of the late Baroque library. It is the largest monastery library hall in the world. The fascinating interaction between tradition and innovation becomes palpable in the exhibition content, the design of the exhibitions, and far beyond. The focal point of the collection activities is contemporary art. A focal point is the commissioned artworks of the in-house MADE FOR ADMONT line. Unique is the special collection "JENSEITS DES SEHENS – KUNST VERBINDET BLINDE UND SEHENDE" (BEYOND SIGHT – ART UNITES THE BLIND AND THE SIGHTED).